Liqui Moly MoS2 Shooter


For all 2-stroke engines with separate and mixture lubrication and for all 4-stroke engines also with wet multi-disc clutch. Also suitable for use in transmissions and final drives.

Quantity: 20ml

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Mos2 with a proper dosage will help to improve the friction property of any lubricant. It is suitable for both wet clutch and dry clutch motorcycles. the proper dosage will be 20 ml per liter, very strictly you have to follow the mos2 additive dosage while adding to the engine oil

Engine oil 800ml -16ml Mos2

Engine oil 1 Liter -20ml Mos2

Engine oil 1.2 Liter -24 ml Mos2

Engine oil 1.5 Liter -30ml Mos2

Engine oil 2.5 Liter -50ml Mos2

Mos2 Oil additive can be mixed with any type of engine oil like Mineral, Semi-Synthetic or fully synthetic also with any brand of engine oil.

Liqui Moly MoS2 Shooter